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Doctoral School ED 481 Social Sciences and Humanities


Directeur ED 481 SSH

Jean-Yves PUYO (jean-yves.puyo @


Directeur-Adjoint ED 481 SSH

Jacques JAUSSAUD (jacques.jaussaud @



Marie-Josée JOUBERT (marie-josee.joubert @

Tél : 33 (0)5 59 40 81 96


Secrétariat et Scolarité

Anne-Marie VENANCIO (anne-marie.venancio @

Tél : 33 (0)5 59 40 81 95


Pour nous écrire

Ecole Doctorale Sciences Sociales et Humanités UPPA / UFR DEG
avenue du Doyen Poplawski
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Registration for Ph.D. Students

Registration for the doctorate degree must be renewed each year. 

The procedure takes place in 2 stages:

  • First of all, a procedure of admission at the doctoral School,
  • Then, an administrative registration at the Registration Central Pole of UPPA.

 Guide des inscriptions en 1ere année

 Guide des réinscriptions (2e année et plus)


(for students with foreign diplomas outside EU)


Before beginning procedure of registration, the PhD student has to establish an accredition of learning which will be submitted to 2 reporters then presented to the Council of ED for opinion.

This application includes:

1. Studies Validation Form

 To be filled out and sent to ED 481.

Studies Validation Form 2018/2019

2. Additional informations to be supplied

- CV
- presentation of thesis project (some pages) with the mode of financing
- cover letter from the Ph.D. thesis supervisor
- 1 or 2 letter(s) of recommendation from teacher(s) of Master's degree

After agreement of the ED 481 Council, go to the following stage " Admission in doctorate ".



Admission at Doctoral School


Some documents are required.

1. Authorisation to register (for all PhD students)

To be filled and firmed by supervisors and directors of research units, then sent to Doctoral School.

Authorisation to register Form

2. Doctoral Charter (only for1st registration)

To firm only in 1st year.

Doctoral Charter

For PhD students of the ED 481 SSH, an amendment specifying some points of the charter (and adopted by the Commission of Research on 06/07/18) must be also firmed and put back with the charter.

Amendment charter ED SSH

3. APOFLUX online Platform (only for1st registration)

To register, you beforehand need an APOFLUX number via the link :


After that, contact Doctoral School Secretariat l'ED to validate your admission.

4. Opinion of the Thesis Comittee (for 2d year  PhD students and more)

A favorable opinion of the CST must be supplied before every annual registration .

Avis du Comité de suivi de thèse

After receiving agreement of the ED 481, follow Stage 2 " Administrative Registration ".

Contact : Secrétariat ED 481

05 59 40 81 95


Administrative registration at UPPA


1. "Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus" (CVEC)

New in 2018

This compulsory 90€ contribution must be acquitted to the CROUS on the site below, before your registration:

2. Social Security

See informations on UPPA website menu "Registrations". It is necessary to be affiliated.

3. Administrative registration

Amount of registration fees 2018/2019 : 380 €

2 possibilities :

  • registration online with IA WEB   menu "Inscriptions"

        Guide IA WEB

  • or go to Pôle Inscription Central (Bât. BU Sciences, Pau Campus)

Documents needed in both cases: Anti-plagiarism agreement, liability insurance, proof of funding,  (+ passport copy and Master diploma for 1st year)

Deadlines registrations 2018/2019

  • from July 6th to October 15th, 2018, for PhD students with "contrat doctoral"
  • from July 6th to October 30th, 2018, for others PhD students

Contact : Pôle Inscription Central

To help you :

Welcome Desk (claire.harai @

The International Office of UPPA (Bât. BU Sciences, Pau Campus)

Practical guide for the foreign students


Arrêté du 25 mai 2016 relatif à la formation doctorale