The College of Doctoral Schools

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Doctoral School ED 481 Social Sciences and Humanities


Directeur ED 481 SSH

Fabien CANDAU (fabien.candau @


Directeur-Adjoint ED 481 SSH


antoine.renucci @



Marie-Josée JOUBERT (marie-josee.joubert @

Tél : 33 (0)5 59 40 81 96


Secrétariat et Scolarité

Anne-Marie VENANCIO (edssh @

Tél : 33 (0)5 59 40 81 95


Pour nous écrire

Ecole Doctorale Sciences Sociales et Humanités
UPPA / Bât. Recherche DEG
avenue du Doyen Poplawski
BP 1633
F-64016 PAU CEDEX (edssh @

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The College of Doctoral Schools

The Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Humanities (ED 481) and the Doctoral School of Exact Sciences and thier Applications (ED 211) have combined to form a College of Doctoral Schools. This College of Doctoral Schools offers a joint training course to the university’s Ph.D. students, including language courses and career access programmes, as well as organising major events such as the conferring ceremonies for our UPPA Ph.D. graduates and for Honorary Doctorate degrees awarded by the university.