Depositing your thesis in digital format

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Doctoral School ED 481 Social Sciences and Humanities


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Ecole Doctorale Sciences Sociales et Humanités
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Depositing your thesis in digital format

Theses in progress are identified and listed in the STAR software (Signalement des Thèses électroniques, Archivage et Recherche) which is managed by the ABES ( Data collected in this way facilitate depositing of the thesis in digital format.

It is obligatory to deposit a copy of your thesis with the SCD or Archives office.Your thesis must be deposited in digital format. A thesis dissemination contract must be filled in and signed by the Ph.D. graduate, thesis supervisor and research centre director. Depositing procedures are provided on the site of the SCD: Service Commun de Documentation.

When the thesis has been deposited, the SCD or Archives office will then issue the graduate with a receipt or a deposit certificate. This receipt (certificate or quitus) must then be handed in to the Doctoral School before the Doctorate diploma can be issued to the new Ph.D. graduate.

A conferral ceremony is organized at the end of each university year and Ph.D. graduates are invited to attend. However, for those unable to attend the conferring ceremony, you can collect your Doctorate diploma at the doctoral school under a procedure.