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Doctoral School ED 481 Social Sciences and Humanities
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Doctoral Training Programm

The Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Humanities (ED 481) offers the Ph.D. student a training programme which is not only useful for their research project and their professional career plan but which also gives them a broad scientific culture. The programme is divided into two main training blocks: languages and career paths.   

Each doctoral student must fill out a course plan (150 h) with an online tool (see below). Doctoral students enrolling in the 2nd year must provide their training agreement from this platform. During the thesis, you will complete this plan by proof or certificate of attendance for every course attended, except for courses organised by ED SSH. At the end of the thesis, a "portfolio" which records all courses you have attended during each year of your Ph.D. programme, must be handed in to the Doctoral School for validation before your Ph.D. viva.

Certificate of attendance (doc - 27 Ko)

Training plan platform