Disseminate your thesis

Disseminate your thesis

Procedure to follow

The doctoral student submits his or her thesis electronically, using the ADUM application.

The dissemination authorisation (available in the doctoral student's space once the defence date has been validated) can be downloaded from ADUM.

You must submit it duly completed and signed to ADUM.

It will then be countersigned by the institution.

Pease note that after defending your thesis, you must submit the final version of your manuscript along with the 'Authorisation for Electronic Distribution of Thesis' to receive your diploma. You must submit your thesis within 3 months, regardless of whether it requires corrections. After this period, the thesis will be considered final.

Otherwise, your thesis will not be listed on the dedicated platforms: Thèses.fr, SUDOC catalogue, Dart-Europe, etc.

What happens to my thesis once it has been submitted?

When depositing your thesis, you must decide whether or not to publish it on dedicated sites. If you agree to publication, the full text of your thesis will be accessible on the following institutional sites: theses.fr, thèses en ligne, and the HAL e2s UPPA portal.






In any case, your thesis will be listed on theses.fr, in the Sudoc catalogue (Système Universitaire de Documentation) and on Dart-Europe. Additionally, it will be permanently and securely archived at CINES (Centre Informatique National de l'Enseignement Supérieur).