Thesis travel

Thesis travel

Administrative formalities

BEFORE you travel on your doctorate, your laboratory must issue a mission order.

If you are traveling abroad, you must also apply online for an authorization to leave the country before departure (my UPPA account + Ariane). The request must be submitted by the employee concerned, at least 28 days before the planned departure date (reduced to 8 days for Spain). The President's prior authorization, which is based on the opinions of various structure managers, is an essential stage in the preparation of the mission order.

Financial support for mobility

The doctoral school encourages the international mobility of doctoral students and the communication of their research results at an international level by providing financial support (subject to eligibility) to doctoral students who spend time in a foreign laboratory or present an oral paper at an international conference. Download the mobility grant application form ("Intranet - Doctoral student tools").

Please note: there are only two application periods per year (end of November, for mobility between January and June of the following year, and end of May for mobility between July and December).


Students and staff can use the website to offer or find carsharing for a regular journey (daily, weekly) or a one-off journey for a trip, an assignment, holiday, etc. The website allows users to browse available journeys and routes and contact the driver directly.

Trips can involve travel :

  • between two UPPA campuses: Anglet, Bayonne, Pau, Mont-de-Marsan, Tarbes,
  • between home and place of work or study,
  • or any other!